Your Stories, Saints!

This site features links to stories from true living saints of God. Please email us at treyeshua gmail to nominate someone as a true living saint. Eventually this list will include millions, as saints discern other saints, and there are far more living saints than most realize. Stories are included on the testimony of two or three witnesses. Please nominate yourself if you are sure of your election. We will second the nomination after a short investigation to verify you as true.

If you have yet to write your testimony of your life in Jesus Christ, please do so on a personal website or record a video. Google sells domain names that include basic, "Simple Sites" like this one for only $12 a year. If everyone will purchase their own personal domain, we can interconnect with each other to avoid the tyranny of social media companies.

If someone already has a published personal testimony, we will include those also, a few below are samples of that type, while is a sample of a personal Simple Site from the founder of this site.

God is amazing! A few weeks after I registered this site, David Alexander was baptized into our Church after 47 years of searching. He became a sensation among the Latter Day Saints and is doing a great job encouraging others to send in testimonies, some of which are linked below.

David Alexander, a new convert to the Latter Day Saints, witnessed by Treyeshua, David's Youtube channel includes many great true saint stories!
Azariah, witnessed by David Alexander
Sister Betty, witnessed by David Alexander
Marty Braden, witnessed by David Alexander
Linda Brewer, witnessed by David Alexander
Mason Collins, witnessed by David Alexander
Michael  Christenson, witnessed by David Alexander
Tammy Garelik, witnessed by David Alexander
Kobe Kennerly, witnessed by David Alexander
Sean Ryan Layton, witnessed by Treyeshua
Patricia McIntyre , witnessed by David Alexander
Sarah, witnessed by David Alexander
Darla, witnessed by David Alexander
Mary Ellen Wright, witnessed by Emily J. and Treyeshua
Russell M. Nelson, witnessed by millions worldwide